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Do your clients know if you're open? Download a kit of shareable graphics that you can use to remind them that you are, as well as share the changes you're making during the COVID-19 crisis. Totally free – no catch.

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Version 1.8.5, updated April 22nd

Cat SpecialistsFor practices that only see cats
Mixed-Animal PracticeFor practices that see dogs, cats, etc.

(If you're looking at this within the Instagram app, those download links will show you a bunch of gibberish – it's a weird quirk of that app, so just visit this page in a browser instead. It should work fine then.)

Mix & Match

The graphics are based on the new protocols we've seen many practices adopt. However, each and every policy might not apply at your practice, so just pick the ones that do. (And let us know if there are any more that would be helpful to you)


There are different versions of the graphics formatted for different post types (for example, really tall versions to use in Instagram Stories).

Choose the format right for how you want to post, and then share away!

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What's included

Policy Updates

Share policy updates on Instagram & Facebook.

Since everyone is at home, usage of Facebook and Instagram is going through the roof. So, we recommend posting updates on those platforms so you can keep your clients informed about the changes you're making – and remind them you're open.

We've created these graphics based on the policies we've been seeing most veterinary clinics adopt. The kit includes a bunch of different policies, and you can pick and choose depending on what you're actually doing in your practice. Send us some feedback if there's a major policy we've missed. 

  • We're open during COVID-19
  • Curbside Drop-Off Exams
  • Telemedicine is an option
  • We have limited hours
  • We have limited services
  • We're cleaning everything
  • Shop at our online store
  • We appreciate you!

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Help address the questions on your clients' minds.

Like everyone else in the world, your clients are looking for answers to help them make sense of these crazy times. We are working on shareable FAQs that can help keep them informed about the latest developments where pets are concerned.

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We're working on more now, so just add your information below and we'll let you know when they're available. We promise not to send you any other emails unless you specifically request them. Really.

COVID-19 Resource Updates
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We're working on these next...

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Pets & COVID-19
  • Printable graphics to put on your front door 🚪
  • Images formatted for Google Business 🗺
  • Other “We’re Open” graphics for use on the web

If you'd find any of these useful, make sure you're signed up for updates. And if there's anything else that'd be helpful to your practice (marketing or communications-wise), send us an email below.

Send your feedbackLet us know if there's anything else that'd be useful for you...

Rewards Program Kits

Show your appreciation to clients by launching a rewards program.

Research has shown that businesses that invest in their existing clients during economic recessions have the best chance of surviving in the long run. And since Rewards Programs are one of the most cost-effective ways to invest in clients, we've put together a special smaller version of our Rewards Program Kit to help practices launch a compelling rewards program for less than $500. 

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