Meet DupliVet™

Get catnip-filled clones of your doctors.

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Giggles for clients.
Repeat business for you.

More than just a cat toy, DupliVets are designed to help you foster an emotional connection with clients. When they see their cats bunny-kicking your little clone, they won’t be able to keep the smile off their face – helping your practice stand out in an unforgettable way.


The Good Stuff

Durable canvas materia

Durable Canvas

To help the toys last as long as possible, we use a puncture-resistant cotton canvas for the body of the toy. It strikes a nice balance between being soft enough that cats like to bite it, while still being durable enough to stand up to great deal of abuse.


Plush & Crinkles

To give the toys a soft and squishy feeling, we use the same type of plush filling as teddy bears and other pet toys. And since many cats love toys that make little noises when squeezed, we include a special material that makes a delightful crinkly sound.



What cat toy is complete without catnip? Ours includes a special mixture carefully crafted to encourage play. We've found cats as old as 18 will get a serious kick out of it. 

Dr. Elston and his DupliVet
Personalized for You

They'll look just like you. Really.

We'll work closely with you to design a toy that not only looks like you, but also matches little details like your watch and shoes. Clients really get a kick out of these details.
360 Degree View

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Let's clone your doctors!

You'll sell them for $9.99 /ea.

Your costs starts at $7.99 /ea with a minimum order size of 400 per doctor. If you order more, the price starts to come down per toy.

There is also a one-time design fee per doctor, but that will be credited towards your total if you order more than 1,000 total toys.


What to expect

Below is an example timeline. Timing can vary depending on how many orders we currently have, the load at the factory, as well as how quickly you provide feedback. It's safe to assume it will be at least 3 months in most cases.
  • Order – Today

    When we receive your order, we’ll send you an invoice for the design fee and give you a list of specific photos we’ll need in order to design your DupliVet.

  • Design (~ 1 Month)

    After we receive payment and your photos, we’ll design your toys and send you digital proofs for your feedback.

  • Sampling (+ 3 weeks)

    After you approve a final design, you’ll have the option of receiving a physical sample in the mail. This step is optional, as it can add a few weeks to the process.

  • Final Payment

    Once you’ve given us the go-ahead, you’ll decide how many toys you’d like and make your full payment for the balance.

  • Manufacturing (~ 2 Months)

    Once the payment has been finalized, we move to full production. The timing for this can vary depending on how busy our factories are, but it typically takes takes about 2 months to receive them at your door.


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