How to add a Frame to your Facebook profile photo

Add a temporary frame to your Facebook profile photo to highlight special holidays, events, or policy changes.

How To

Time needed: 3 minutes.

  1. Log in to your Facebook page on a computer

    To add a photo frame, you’ll need to use a computer to visit your clinic’s Facebook page.

    (Note: You’ll need to be signed in to an account with “admin” access for your page)

  2. Click “Update” and then “Add Frame”

    Move your mouse over your profile image and click the Update button. Then, in the drop down that appears, select Add Frame.

  3. Type “Vetfini” in the Search field

    Click into the search field and type “Vetfini”. You’ll then see a list of the frames we’ve made available. You can also search through thousands of other frames if you’d like to look for something else.

  4. Select one of the frames

    We may have a selection of different frames available (for example, frames specific to cat practices as well as others that can be used by mixed-animal hospitals), so take a look at the list and see which one might be right for your practice.

    (Tip: You can preview different frames by clicking on them)

  5. Reposition your profile photo (optional)

    Depending on how you positioned your profile photo when you originally uploaded it, you may need to reposition it to get it to fit properly within the frame. You can click and drag your photo to move it around, and/or use the slider to adjust its relative size. 

    (Tip: You can also use a different photo by clicking Change Picture up top)

  6. Add a description

    Add a description in the field below the photo preview.

  7. Select how long you’d like to use the frame

    Use the dropdown to select a timeframe for when you’d like your profile photo to switch back to the previous version. For example, if you’d like your profile photo to switch back to your original image after 1 month, choose that option.

  8. Click “Use As Profile Picture” to finish!

    Your clients will see your new photo as a post in their feed.