How to create an Instagram Story Highlight

Stories disappear from your followers’ feeds after 24 hours. However, if you’d like to make a story permanently available on your profile, you can add it to a Highlight.

How To

  1. Go to your Profile

    Log in to your practice’s Instagram profile in the app on a mobile phone. Then, go to your profile screen.

  2. Tap Story Highlights below your bio

    If this is the first time you’re creating a highlight, you may see an expandable section below your bio that says “Story Highlights”. If this section is collapsed, just tap it to expand. You should then see a row of circular buttons below it.

  3. Tap the ( + ) button

    To create your highlight, tap the ( + ) button

  4. Tap to select from your story

    Tap all of the images you’d like to include in your highlight. (It does not matter what order you select them, as they will always be shown in the order they were originally posted)

  5. Tap Next

  6. Name your Highlight

    Type in a name for your highlight. We recommend keeping it under 10 characters.

  7. Tap Edit Cover to select a cover image

    The cover image is what will appear in the small circular preview shown on your profile. You can choose to use one of the images you shared in your Story as the cover image – or you can use a custom image (which is our preference).

    In our resource kits, we typically include a special graphic formatted to work perfectly within this cover image (in our kits, it’s usually found in a folder called “Extras”). You’ll need to transfer this file to your phone’s photo library. Then, when editing the cover image, you can tap the thumbnail in the bottom left of the screen to select from your photo library.

    Then hit Done to finish selecting your Cover Image.

  8. Tap Add to finish creating your Highlight

    Tap Add in the top right corner of the screen, and you’ll be taken back to your profile. Then, below your bio, you’ll see a row containing your Highlights.

    If you have another Highlight you’d like to create, just repeat these steps.

To add to, or edit, a Highlight…

In the future, if you’d like to add more images to your Story (or change the name or cover image), first head to your profile. Then, just tap and hold on the highlight you’d like to edit. Then, tap Edit Highlight.


  • Stories you add to a Highlight will remain visible until you manually remove them. So, if you are creating a highlight for a temporary event, make sure you set a reminder for yourself to come remove it.