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8 of the best veterinary logos on Dribbble

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These days, just about anyone can open up PowerPoint, type their company name in a fancy font, slap some clipart next to it, and call it ”a logo”. Similarly, anyone could also duct tape some cardboard wings on a bike and start calling it a plane.

But you know what… neither of these is probably the best strategy for companies who want to make a professional impression in a crowded marketplace.

Logos are more than just words and pictures thrown together on a screen. They’re their own special form of communication – and one that takes a lot of hard work to get right.

What goes into a good veterinary logo?

For a veterinary clinic, having a high quality logo is pretty important. Although your “brand” isn’t just your logo, it is the most obvious part of your visual identity. And it has to perform several jobs at the same time.

Not only does it need to tell a story in just a few pixels, your logo also has to make an emotional connection with clients. And since veterinary medicine can be quite expensive, your logo also has to walk that fine line between “friendly” and “premium” – because having a low quality logo can give clients the impression your prices will be cheap.

So, it’s a lot more complex than simply putting words next to images. And it’s a good idea to hire a professional who knows what they’re doing.

A great logo designer won’t just give you an off-the-shelf solution – they’ll work with you to define the subtle nuances of your practice. They’ll help create a visual identity unique to you, one that highlights your personality and the things that make your clinic special.

What follows are a few of the best logos that professionals have created for their veterinary clients. These were all shared on an invite-only community for designers called Dribbble. Even if you’re not a member, it can be a great place to turn for inspiration for any veterinary project.

8 amazing veterinary logos from Dribbble

Liberty Vet Clinic Logo by Bryan Cleghorn

The Pet Hospitals by Allie Mounce

Hillcrest Animal Hospital by Laura Guardalabene

Animal Hospital Logo by Luke Southern

Ventana Animal Clinic Logo by Emily Borst

Advanced Veterinary Care Center Logo by prdxmedia

Vet Behavior Solutions Logo by Christian Schmid

Doolittle’s Pet Products (Veterinarian-run) by Alfrey Davilla

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All copyrights belong to their respective creators and clients. Please don’t be a Copy-And–Paste-Cat and use any of these logos to represent your own practice. A lot of time and energy went into them, and the designers deserve to be compensated for their work.