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For most veterinary practices, it's a no-brainer to launch a rewards program.

Clients wish you'd acknowledge their loyalty...

Graph showing 77% of clients are "Very Interested" in rewards programs

Clients "Very Interested" in Rewards

and would spend more at your practice if you did.

Graph showing practices average $97K more in revenue in the year after implementing a rewards program

Practice Revenue Increase

But many practices never actually start one 😯

Because it can be overwhelming starting from scratch...

So we created kits to help change that.

I spent nearly a decade at billion dollar tech companies, designing everything from patented digital experiences, to world-class human-to-human interactions. And I can tell you, the best solution to a problem isn't always the fancy technical one.

Sometimes, the best user experience is the one you can touch and hold in your hands, and form an emotional connection to. And when it comes to a reward program, there's something so delightful about being able to hold a card in your hand.

I started Vetfini to bring my expertise in "experience design" to the veterinary industry.

While at Apple, Hulu, and CBSi, I designed and delivered many aspects of our user experiences. Everything from person-to-person experiences, to the patented digital experiences used by millions of customers.

Through all this experience in tech, I learned the best solution isn't always the fancy technological one. So, I started Vetfini

Vetfini Founder, Devin Elston, holding an example of the rewards cards

Vetfini founder, Devin Elston


They include everything you'll need to get started.

Icon for Custom Cards

Custom Cards

Cards designed to match your practice’s logo and aesthetic, and printed on premium card-stock. See some examples...

Icon for Rubber Stamps

Special Stamps

Unique stamps designed to work perfectly with the cards, and not available anywhere else. Check them out...

Icon for Nametag Holders

Name-tag Holders

Special holders that turn the stamp cards into helpful nametags for small pet carriers. See how they work...

Icon for Program Details

Launch Guides

All the details you need to get started. Including graphics, employee training guides, and much much more...

All designed to keep clients coming back.

Custom Rewards Cards

It starts with cards worth treasuring.

With an elegant stamp card on one side and a useful name-tag on the other, these cards are meant to be kept around. They're printed on smudge-resistant cardstock as thick as a credit card, and have smoothly rounded corners to help keep them looking great for years to come. Each order is even professionally designed using your practice's logo & colors, so they'll perfectly match your branding.

Unique Stamp Designs

Then you put your paws all over them.

For every $100 a client spends during a visit, you give them a stamp on their card. You'll find that many clients will add food or toys to their invoices in order to basically "round up" to that next stamp (especially when they're within a few dollars of reaching it).

For long-lasting durability, the stamps are designed to last 50,000 impressions before needing more ink. And to make it a breeze to neatly align each little paw print, the circles on the cards are even matched to the size of the rubber stamps themselves.

Image of the rewards cards and rubber stamps

Nametag Holders

Your clients literally can't leave home without them.

By giving clients a way to attach their cards directly to their carrier, you avoid the pesky "I can't find my card" problem that plagues most physical stamp-cards. Plus, your back-of-house staff will appreciate being able to easily tell all the carriers apart.

And for those clients who don't have a carrier to attach the nametag to, the cards are even designed to be the exact dimensions of a credit card – so they fit neatly in any wallet.

The strap-based nametag holder

Comprehensive Program Details

And we'll give you what you need to help set it up.

The idea behind the program is pretty simple – when you thank clients for their business in meaningful ways, they're more likely to give you their business again. So, for this program, when a client collects 16 stamps on their card, you thank them with a $100 credit towards a future visit at your practice.

This valuable reward gives them a compelling reason to keep coming back, especially as they get closer to reaching it. You'll find that many clients will even look for ways to get to the reward more quickly – which presents a powerful opportunity to incentivize certain activities that benefit both their pets and your practice (click "Bonus Offers" for more info).


Our customers &
their clients love it

All positive from staff and clients... The simplicity of the program is great. Love the card holders... It is really a great program.

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Countertop promotional tents

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Practices that see roughly 1,000 clients per year
Practices that see roughly 2,000 clients per year

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$899+ sales tax in California
  • 1,000 Premium Cards (professionally designed for your practice)
  • 700 Name-Tag Holders
  • 3 Rubber Stamps
  • Text & Graphics for Website
  • Manager's Setup Guide
  • Employee Guide
  • Ships within 4 weeks, with FREE U.S. shipping
Order now
$1,699+ sales tax in California
  • 2,000 Premium Cards (professionally designed for your practice)
  • 1,500 Name-Tag Holders
  • 5 Rubber Stamps
  • Text & Graphics for Website
  • Manager's Setup Guide
  • Employee Guide
  • Ships within 4 weeks, with FREE U.S. shipping
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  • Manufacturing – Weeks 2-3

    When you've approved your designs, we'll get to work manufacturing your kit. We'll be building up our stock over time, so this timeframe should shorten as we get more orders.

  • Shipping – Week 4

    We'll be shipping in the order we receive payments. In most cases, you will receive your kit within a month of order.


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The History

Created in veterinary practices. For veterinary practices.

A note from Vetfini Founder, Devin Elston

Like many new products, this one was born to fill a personal need.

After spending nearly a decade at major tech companies like Apple, Hulu, and CBS Interactive, I decided to bring my expertise in building innovative customer experiences to the veterinary industry. And having literally grown up in my family's cat hospitals, they were a natural place to start.

I began by regularly surveying my father's clients to measure their customer satisfaction and see where we could improve their experience. And what became immediately clear was that a lot of his clients reeeeeally wanted a rewards program.

"Sounds easy enough", I naively thought, and began researching products that could help us launch one. Instead, what I found were complicated loyalty programs originally designed for restaurants, or apps that bundled a rewards program with other features we didn't currently need.

Ironically, one of the lessons I learned during my time at billion dollar tech companies is that the best solutions aren't always the ones built around fancy technology. And for a program where your goal is to foster a longterm emotional connection with clients, putting a useful physical object in their hands actually makes a lot of sense.

So, I set about creating something to meet those needs. After months of research into rewards program best practices & the psychology behind them, I began building and testing prototypes with several manufacturers. After fleshing out the details of the program with my father's team, we landed on something both simple and powerful.

And rather than keep everything I learned at just one practice, I decided to release these kits to help veterinarians just like my dad.

I know your clients will love them (and so will your accountant).