Attract valuable clients with a modern website.


Website Features

Designed for how people actually browse the web.

Responsive Layout

Works great on phones. And tablets. And PCs.

The average website sees more than 70% of its traffic coming from mobile phones, and search engines incorporate "mobile friendliness" into their sorting algorithms, so it's absolutely critical that a modern veterinary website be designed to work well at small sizes. We go one step further, designing the entire site to reorganize itself based on the size of the device your client is using – giving them a consistent experience.


Concierge Navigation

It helps get them where they need to be.

Like a concierge at an upscale hotel, our unique navigation is designed to be there when you need it, and get out of the way when you don't. It follows a design principle called progressive disclosure, which means that the most commonly needed information is presented first, and more specialized options appear as you drill down. For example, your hours are highlighted for the current day, and your after hours emergency contact information only appears... after hours.


Icons & Illustrations

Taps into emotions in playful ways.

When clients are deciding where to take their cat, how they "feel" about a practice plays a big role in that decision. So, rather than using generic stock photos, we give your site a unique feel by using custom icons and illustrations. And - of course - we match the colors to your branding.



Built on principles of experience design.

Our founder, Devin Elston, began his career scooping litter boxes at his parent's cat hospital. After earning degrees in Psychology and Advertising, he went on to help design and build experiences at billion dollar tech companies like Hulu, CBS Interactive, and Apple. He started Vetfini to help bring principles of experience design to the veterinary industry – helping vets create truly unforgettable experiences.

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